Strategic Planning

Meeting and Process Design

Training and Workshops

Individual and Team Coaching

Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Public Consultation

Program Development

Conference Planning and Development

Our Approach:
Comprehensive and Dynamic

It adheres to and reflects the organization’s reality because every participant is interviewed prior to the initial session, so that we begin on the solid ground of reality.

It is particularly effective because it is inclusive: the seemingly opposite aspects of management such as control versus autonomy, priority to people versus priority to results, sharing responsibility versus maintaining leadership, seeking change versus ensuring continuity are equally considered within an organization’s unique frame of reference.

It places experiential learning ahead of theory and the daily reality of the Organization before hypothetical situations.

It emphasizes a full mastery of self-development through effective communication which enhances accountability, through the practice of self-evaluation, through a systematic coaching and supervisory program that favors interconnecting all levels of management.

An integrated training process

Four steps:

  • Preliminary interviews
  • Individual professional preparation, to fulfill our role more effectively
  • Specific sessions through coaching or workshops
  • Follow-up every six months for two years