About the Performance Synergy Group

Sharon LeBlanc

Sharon LeBlanc

At The Performance Synergy Group we believe that people ultimately want great results.  We understand that sometimes they can be challenged in moving forward by what they think are diverse interests.  We facilitate meetings in numerous settings, deliver bilingual training and, in an atmosphere of co-operation, guide executive management, managers, supervisors, employees, stakeholders and individuals to gain and obtain lasting results.  We have been doing so for over 10 years, strategically assisting clients to create effective, respectful, inspiring, productive and informed working groups, workplaces and communities.

Our professional experience includes assisting clients from private sector to Government, service providers to manufacturers, organizations driven and empowered by people.  We enable individuals, groups and teams to produce more, focus more, work smarter and use vision to emerge solutions by performing effectively and respectfully with employees, stakeholders and resources. We get great results through proven methodologies and our passion for capacity building.

Sharon LeBlanc, President

As President, Sharon LeBlanc’s background as an officer with Ombudsman Ontario and the Canadian Human Rights Commission gives her the insight and passion to be an inspiring facilitator, workshop leader and keynote speaker.   Through The Performance Synergy Group, she brings to the table an in-depth foundation in training and facilitation, solidified in years of effective organizational development.

Participants frequently attribute Sharon LeBlanc’s exceptional leadership qualities with their being able to shift forward and succeed at getting the great results which, at heart, each of us desires.