Examples of Previous Projects

Here are a few examples of how we have succeeded in maximizing performance, creating processes that engage people, and innovating for delivery and results.

Engaging the Public in a Forum on Regional Economy

A regional public forum process was designed and hosted to invite discussion over the future of the shifting regional economy.  Citizens were engaged in the process and contributed, off-topic concerns were anticipated with a mechanism put in place to address them, and the open discussion process unfolded enthusiastically and smoothly.  There was no need to alter or adjust the pilot process in any way other than to accommodate different off-topic concerns at the next meeting.

Reaching Agreement in a Pan-Atlantic Federal-Provincial Government Committee

A Pan-Atlantic Federal Provincial governmental committee was able to successfully negotiate a 5-year business development agreement in record time by working together in the designed facilitated strategic planning meetings that focused on staying open and getting results. It was the most rapidly arrived at preliminary agreement since its inception 15 years prior.

Improving Absenteeism Rate at a Canadian Crown Corporation

The organization had a challenge:  The absenteeism rate was 10.3 days per person. Using the Creative Management Process implemented during the Managing Together program, the team created a vision of their management style at its best, making the workplace a desirable place to be, where people felt needed and valued.  Every one of the leaders implemented this vision within his/her team. In a short period of time, the absenteeism rate went down from 10.3 to 2.7 days per person.